Fine bridge specializes in offering consultancy for products related to construction. Focusing on the niche markets for product specifications into large commercial and institutional projects, Consultancy is offered in marketing of these identified products to architects, designers, property developers and building owners. Guidance is offered in specifications, bidding in traditional tender process, negotiations and supply of products to the specified projects.

Fine Bridge presently focuses on interior finishes and utilizes its vast experience in offering consultancy to marketing of these products into the demanding and competitive building material industry.

Fine Bridge works with product manufacturers to understand their product strengths, technical specifications and ensure compliance with various North American standards like ASTM, ANSI, etc..We guide manufacturers in acquiring standards in case of non-availability. We also ensure that close out documents like maintenance manual, warranty and installation manuals are available with the manufacturers. In case of non -availability we help them in creating such documents.
Fine Bridge presents the manufacturer’s products to architects, designers, or other target audiences by developing powerful power point presentations. We deliver product demonstrations; organize breakfast meetings and lunch-and-learn seminars to ensure proper education and exposure of the product lines.. We also organize one-to-one presentations with the target audience and ensure that the manufacturer’s product catalogues are available in the client’s libraries to increase product visibility. Support is also provided in addressing sample requisitions and arranging for effective delivery.
Our consultants support specification writers in helping them identify key product attributes and justify their use in the projects. Provide product technical specification sheets that highlight product strength and supporting documentation for proper product installation.
We guide our manufacturers during the entire tender process Fine Bridge offers advice on pricing, payment terms, delivery and validity. On closing of tenders, we make sure to follow up and determine the winners of the bids.
We support the manufacturer in acquiring the order from the contractor and also guide the contractor in product ordering, shipping and payment process.
Fine Bridge ensures that close out documents’ are issued to the contractor on conclusion of the project.